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Krishna is the Supreme's eternal, infinite, immortal Self- play -self-issuing, self-manifestation, self-finding.
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Sanskrit Shloka From Bhagavad Gita

Sanskrit Shloka From Bhagavad Gita
Sri Aurobindo On Sri Krishna

O immense Light and thou, O spirit-wide boundless Space, Whom have you clasped and hid, deathless limbs, gloried face?

Vainly lie 'Space and Time, "Void are we, there is none." Vainly strive Self and World crying, "I, I alone."

One is there, Self of self, Soul of space, Fount of Time, Heart of hearts, Mind of minds, He alone sits, sublime.

Oh, no void Absolute self-absorbed, splendid, mute, Hands that clasp hold and red lips that kiss blow the flute.

All He loves, all He moves, all are His, all are He!

Many limbs sate His whims, hear His sweet ecstasy.

Two in One, Two who know difference rich in sense, Two to clasp, One to be, this His strange mystery.

Sri Aurobindo

Sri Krishna

At last I find a meaning of soul's birth
Into this universe terrible and sweet,
I who have felt the hungry heart of earth
Aspiring beyond heaven to Krishna's feet.

I have seen the beauty of immortal eyes,
And heard the passion of the Lover's flute,
And known a deathless ecstasy's surprise
And sorrow in my heart for ever mute.

Nearer apd nearer now the music draws,
Life shudders with a strange felicity;
All Nature is a wide enamoured pause
Hoping her lord to touch, to clasp, to be.

For this one moment lived the ages past;
The world now throbs fulfilled in me at last.

Sri Aurobindo

There are four very great events in history , the siege of Troy, the life and crucifixion of Christ, the exile of Krishna in Brindavan and the colloquy with Arjuna on the field of Kurukshetra. The siege of Troy created Hellas, the exile in Brindavan created devotional religion, (for before there was only meditation and worship), Christ from his cross humanised Europe, the colloquy at Kurukshetra will yet liberate humanity .Yet it is said that none of these four events ever happened.
-Sri Aurobindo
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All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Photographs of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Trust, Pondicherry India (605002)