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All depends on an inner attitude. - The Mother


Sri Aurobindo


The whole principle of this Yoga is to give oneself entirely to the Divine alone and to nobody and nothing else, and to bring down into ourselves by union with the Divine Mother all the transcendent light, power, wideness, peace, purity, Truth-consciousness and Ananda of the Supramental Divine.


- Lights on Yoga

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Sri Aurobindo Mantra

The field of our sense experience has an absolutely ridiculous limitation; while in the mind, if you think of someone or something, a city or a place, you are there immediately, instantaneously, you see. And you are there ....

The Mother

Sometimes there are latent powers in us of which we are unaware. To do a work, how is one to know whether one is capable of doing it or not?....

The Mother

everyone has countless possibilities within him of which he is unaware and which develop only if he does what is to be done in the way it should be done ......

The Mother

An evolution of innate and latent but as yet unevolved powers of consciousness is not considered admissible by the modern mind, because these exceed our present formulation of Nature.......

Sri Aurobindo


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The delight of being with the Divine, conscious of the Divine, surpasses everything

- surpasses the creation, surpasses life, surpasses happiness, surpasses success, surpasses everything.