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Cling to Truth. - The Mother

The Mother


In this even-fall,

Thy Peace deepens and grows more sweet and
Thy Voice more clear and distinct in the silence that fills my being.

O Divine Master,
Thine is all our life,
our thought, our love, all our being.
Take unto Thyself once more what is Thine;
for Thou art ourselves in our Reality.


( Prayers and Meditations - August 15, 1913)

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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo


Q : Sweet Mother, when we concentrate on one of your photos - there are many photos, each one with a different expression - does it make a difference for us, the one on which we concentrate?


If you do it purposely, yes, of course. If you choose this photo for a particular reason or that other one for another reason, surely. It has an effect. It is as though you were choosing to concentrate on one aspect of the Mother rather than another; for example, if you choose to concentrate on Mahakali or Mahalakshmi or on Maheshwari, the results will be different. That part of you which answers to these qualities will awaken and become receptive. So, it is the same thing. But somebody who has only one photo, whichever it may be, and concentrates, without choosing this one or that, because he has only one, then it is of no importance which one it is. For the fact of concentrating on the photograph puts one in contact with the Force, and that is what is necessary in the case of everyone who responds automatically.

The Mother
(Collected Works Vol 7)


In the eternity of becoming, each Avatar is only the announcer, the forerunner of a more perfect realisation. And yet men have always the tendency to deify the Avatar of the past in opposition to the Avatar of the future. Now again Sri Aurobindo has come announcing to the world the realisation of tomorrow; and again his message meets with the same opposition as of all those who preceded him. But tomorrow will prove the truth of what he revealed and his work will be done.

The Mother
21 February 1957

The Ascent of Flame
The Ascent of Flame

All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Photographs of
the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India.

How can I make Sri Aurobindo's influence living and dynamic in my daily activities?

Be perfectly sincere and He will answer your call.

The Mother July 1970

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