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All depends on an inner attitude. - The Mother


The Mother on Significance of flowers



Mother, when flowers are brought to you, how do you give them a significance?

By entering into contact with the nature of the flower, its inner truth. Then one knows what it represents.





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The Mother's writing

I have noticed a first elementary psychic vibration in plant life, and truly the blossoming of
a flower is the first sign of the psychic presence. The psychic individualises itself only in man, but it existed before him; only it is not the same kind of individualisation, it is more
fluid and manifests as force or as consciousness rather than as individuality. Take the rose, for example, its great perfection of form, colour and smell expresses an aspiration and is
a psychic gift. Look at a rose opening in the morning with the first contact of the sun-it is a magnificent self-giving aspiration.


- The Mother

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Flowers teach us the charm of silence
and thus the self-giving which demands nothing in return - The Mother