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Sri Aurobindo is constatnly among us and reveals himself to those who are ready to see and hear him.

The Mother



a premier platform for essays,
and much more.....

Anubhuti VOL.6 No 1
Anubhuti VOL.5 No 1
VOL.4 No 1

To Thee


VOL.3 No 3

Philippe Barbier Saint-Hilaire ( Pavitra so named by Sri Aurobindo)


VOL.3 No 2

Nagin Bhai Tells me - R Y Deshpande (You need Flash Player)


VOL.3 No 1

Stories Told by The Mother


Selected Passages from Conversations and Writings of The Mother "THE SUNLIT PATH"

Selection from The Mother's Collected Works Vol 15


Sri Aurobindo's Play Vasavadutta - a dramatic romance


Mother and Sri Aurobindo On Parenting .


Nolini Kant Gupta On : On Savitri The Readings in "Savitri", Savitri Essays A yoga of The Art Of Life, The Soul and Its Journey Commentary The Katha Upanishad ,The First Six Suktas of Rigveda Talks on Mother Collective Meditation ,The Nature of Her Work, In Her Company, Birthday Message By The Mother
Poems : I saw Her footsteps... The sky is clear.... White-the colour of the moon... I slept away... The fire shines there.... There is a deep within... O my soul... Listen to His footfall... God the supreme mystery...
Parables and stories : A Parable of Sea-Gulls ,The Story of Rishi Yajnavalkya, The Bride of Brahman ,Yama - Nachiketa, Satyakama and Upakoshala


Sri Aurobindo: Bhawani Mandir, The Evolution of Consciousness, The Path, The Mother: Step back, Science of living, Integral Education, Radha's Prayer, Rabindranath Tagore (Poems) : Salutation ,The End, The Gift ,The Flower- School , Nolini kant Gupta ( poems): New Birth ,The Fire ,Cosmic Insight, Parables for elders : No Question The Lizard, The Ambitious, Violet, Fables for Children (Aesop's Fables) : Lion and Mouse, Androcles ,Lion and Statue, Hercules and Waggoner, Belling the cat, George Washington's Three Vision


Sri Aurobindo:Who, Uttarpara Speech 30 May 1909,The Mother: Six Visions of The Mother , Swami Vivekananda : Addresses at the World's Parliament of Religions, Chicago 11th September, 1893, A Call to Youth ,Quest for God, To the Fourth of July ,Thou Blessed Dream , Nolini Kant Gupta: A commentary on the Katha Upanishad ,A Commentary on the First Six Suktas of Rigveda ,Stories andParables : Two Monks, Unlit Lantern, Little Miracles ,Stories For The Kids: Ganesh and the goddess Pārvatī ,Ganesh, the scribe ,The Wisdom of Ganesh ,Ganesh and Rāvana


Sri Aurobindo:Invitation, message 15 August 1947 ,The Mother:The prayers and meditations, Poems: Between the two strokes of midnight, I've Found Out ,The mystery ,To The Heights , parables and stories: An angle called mummy , Nothing Exist , On Literature: Sri Aurobindos' Savitri and Adventure of Consciousness , Prayers and Meditations of the Mother and Sri Auobindos' Yoga , Articles On India: Talk on Kargil manifestation of a deeper problem , Stories for Kids: Hima--The White Squirrel of Krishna, Krishana Narasimha, Krishana Kartikeya or Blue Krishana ,The Sweet Thief



a premier platform for
and much more....



Arushi VOL.6 No. 1
Arushi VOL.5 No. 2 Translations from Bengali - Vaishnava Devotional Poetry by Sri Aurobindo
VOL.5 No. 1 On Poetry by Sri Aurobindo
VOL.4 No. 1 Nolini da - Seer Poets and Vedic Hymns

VOL.3 No. 5

VOL.3 No. 4

VOL.3 No. 3

VOL.3 No. 2


Mantra of The Mother

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  VOL.3 No. 1

Poems By Champaklal


VOL.2 No. 5

VOL.2 No.4

VOL.2 No. 3

Sri Aurobindo 's Last Poems ( manuscript in His Hand writing )
VOL.2 No. 2

Songs of youth - Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya : The ideal songs to give courange determination and a push towards realisation.
Hoping that many will hear them and be benefitted.
Blessings - The Mother


VOL.2 No. 1

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother On Love: Divine Love and Its Manifestation, Love in the Terrestrial Evolution, Purification and Libration of Love, Love and Ananda in the Transformed Manifestation, On Love from Savitri, From Prayers and Meditations


VOL.1 No. 2

Sonnets by Sri Aurobindo


VOL.1 No. 1

Poems on The Mother and Sri Aurobindo: Poets Amal Kiran ( K. D. Sethana ), Arjava ( J. A. Chadwick ), Romen, Nishikanto, Themis, Dilip Kumar Roy, Rabindranath Tagore




An e -zine On
Architecture, Sculpture
and Paintings




VOL. 4 No. 1

Matrimandir - the living Soul - a Photography session by Luigi “Bumshiva” Fedele


VOL. 3 No. 1

Painings by Priti Ghosh on:
Sri Aurobindo's Poem " Love and Death "


VOL. 2 No. 4

Paintings of Janina Stroka
"Here we are all captive of Her love. "


  VOL. 2 No. 3

Paintings by Champaklal ji
"Champaklal is an Artist - The Mother"


  VOL. 2 No. 2

Paintings by Sanjiban da
Ashram Artist


VOL. 2 No. 1

Paintings by Priti Ghosh
Mother on: Learning Art, Art and Consciousness, The Expression of Beauty, The Modern Art and Art of Future


VOL.1 No2

Paintings and drawings by The Mother


VOL.1 No3

Sri Aurobindo on The significance of Indian Art: Western and Eastern Misunderstandings and Their Root Cause, The Significance of Indian Architecture, The Significance of Indian Sculpture, Indian Painting and Its Central Motive and Significance


All extracts and quotations from the written works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Photographs of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo are copyright Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, Pondicherry -605002 India