Vol II No 2


A Quarterly publication of

children are wonderful
Education begins before birth
Body fit to manifest beauty
food and need of body
Respect cleanliness
sports and sportsmanship
importance of sleep
never to scold
what we should explain to them
why children cry for things
why they play with swords..
Teacher - a Living Example
The Finest Present one can give to a child
To Find the Inner Truth
Learning More and Always More


Stories :

The Gift of Understanding
Father Flangan's Toughtest Customer
Thou Art That

Previous issues :

Vol II no 1
Vol I no 3
Vol I no 2
Vol I no1


The Theme Of Current Issue

The education of a human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his life. - The Mother

The Mother
Some Reminiscences

Here are a few anecdotes collected from the reminiscences of those who had the privilege of being close to the Mother and seeing her with children.
The anecdotes reveal not only the Motherís deep love for them but also her unique way of looking at a situation so that nothing remains trivial and all is suffused with a deeper significance.

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