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In the whole creation the earth has a place of distinction, because unlike any other planet it is evolutionary with a psychic entity at its centre. In it, India, in particular, is a divinely chosen country.
   India ought to be the spiritual leader of the world. Inside she has the capacity, but outside. ..for the moment there is still much to do for her to become actually the spiritual leader of the world.
   There is such a wonderful opportunity just now! but. ..
    India must be saved for the good of the world since India alone can lead the world to peace and anew world order.
    True spirituality is not to renounce life, but to make life perfect with a Divine Perfection.

  This is what India must show to the world now.
   India is the country where the psychic law can and
rule and the time has come for that here. Besides, it is the only possible salvation for this country whose consciousness has unfortunately been warped by the influence and domination of a foreign nation, but which, in spite of everything, possesses a unique spiritual heritage.
  The soul of India is one and indivisible. India is conscious of her mission in the world. She is waiting for the exterior means of manifestation.
                                                        6.6.1947 *
   There must be a group forming a strong body of
cohesive will with the Spiritual Knowledge to save India and the world. It is India that can bring Truth in the world. By manifestation of Divine Will and
Power alone India can preach her message to the world and not by imitating the materialism of the West. By following the Divine Will India shall shine at the top of the spiritual mountain and show the way of Truth and organise World Unity.
   Let the splendours of Bharat's past be reborn in the realisation of her imminent future with the help and blessings of her living soul.
                                                       23.8.1951 *
   O India, land of light and spiritual knowledge ! Wake up to your true mission in the world, show the
way to union and harmony.
( Message for broadcast by All India Radio, Pondicherry, on its inauguration day)

   India shall take her true place in the world only when she will become integrally the messenger of the Divine Life.

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