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If you were asked to sum up, just in one sentence, your vision of India, what would be your answer?
India's true destiny is to be the Guru of the world.
  Similarly, if you were asked t6 comment on the reality as you see it, how would you do so in one sentence?
The present reality is a big falsehood -hiding an eternal truth.
   What, according to you, are the three main barriers that stand between the vision and the. reality ?
   (a) Ignorance; (b) Fear; (c) Falsehood.
   Are you satisfied with the overall progress India has made since Independence?
   What is our most outstanding achievement in recent times? Why do you consider it so important?

   Waking up of the yearning for Truth. Because without Truth there is no reality.
   Likewise, can you name our saddest failure? On what grounds do you regard it as so tragic?
Insincerity. Because insincerity leads to ruin. 26.1.1964
   What is the duty of every Indian today in the present emergency ?
   Overgrow your small egoistic personality and be- come a worthy child of our Mother India, fulfil your duties with honesty and rectitude, and always keep cheerful and confident with a steady trust in the Divine's Grace.
                                                 January , 1965
   In view of the present and the future of national and international living, what is it that India should aim at in education?
Prepare her children for the rejection of falsehood and the manifestation of Truth.

   By what steps could the country proceed to realise this high aim? How can a beginning in that direction be?
Make matter ready to manifest the Spirit.
   What is India's true genius and what is her destiny?
To teach to the world that matter is false and im- potent unless it becomes the manifestation of the Spirit.
   How does the Mother view the progress of Science and Technology in India? What contribution can they ma~ to the growth of the Spirit in man?
Its only use is to make the material basis stronger, completer and more effective for the manifestation of the Spirit. ,
   The country feels much concerned about national unity. What is the Mother's vision of things? How will India do her duty by herself and by the world?
The unity of all the nations is the compelling future of the world. But for the unity of all nations to be possible, each nation must first realise its own unity .

   The language problem harasses India a good deal. What would be our correct attitude in this matter ?
   Unity must be a living fact and not the imposition of an arbitrary rule. When India will be one, she will have spontaneously a language understood by all.
   Education has normally become literacy and a social status. Is it not an unhealthy trend? But how to give to education its inner worth and intrinsic enjoyability?
Get out of conventions and insist on the growth of the soul.
    What illusions and delusions our education is today beset with? How could we possibly keep clear of them?
(a) The almost exclusive importance given to success, career and money.
    (b) Insist on the paramount importance of the contact with the Spirit and the growth and manifestation of the Truth of the being.

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