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              INDIA AND THE WORLD

   One sees that the world in general is at present in a sort of disequilibrium and chaos. Does this mean that it is preparing itself for the manifestation of a new force, for the descent of the Truth? Or is this the result of the action of hostile forces in revolt against this descent? And what place does India occupy in all this?
It is both at the same time. It is a chaotic means of preparation. India should be the spiritual guide ex- plaining what is happening and helping to shorten the movement. But, unfortunately, in her blind ambition to imitate the West, she has become materialistic and neglectful of her soul.
                                                      13.10.1965 *
   India is supposed to be the Guru of the world in order to establish the spiritual life on earth. But, Mother, in order to occupy this high position she must be worthy politically, morally and physically, must she not?

  Without any doubt.-and for the present, there is much to be done !
   Why this chaotic condition in our present government? Is it the sign of the change for the good, for the reign of Truth?
It is the pressure upon the entire earth of the force of Truth which causes disorder, confusion and falsehood to spring up everywhere in a refusal to be transformed.
   The way of the Truth is certain, but it is difficult to say when and how it will come about.
                                                        14.9.1966 *
Mother, I have heard that in 1967 India will become the spiritual Guru of the world". But how? When we
consider the present condition.
    India ought to be the spiritual leader of the world. Inside she has the capacity, but outside. ..for the moment there is still much to do for her to become actually the spiritual leader of the world.

There is such a wonderlul opportunity just now!
India has become the symbolic representation of all
the difficulties of modem mankind.
            India will be the land of its resurrection -the resurrection to a higher and truer life.
That same thing which, in the history of the universe, made the earth the symbolic representation of
 the universe so as to be able to concentrate the work on one point, the same phenomenon is taking place now: India represents all the terrestrial human difficulties, and it is in India that there will be the cure.
            And it is for this, it is for this that I have been made to start Auroville.
                                                                 3.2.1968 *
            Years ago, at the time when Sri Aurobindo was here, there was the vision, an inner vision, that India was the place where the destiny of the earth would be decided.
            So there are two opposite possibilities. It was, as if it was said, that if there was a war, it was India where it would take place; that the world conflict, ...the game would be played in India. But will the Force of Peace be sufficient to prevent the war ? The whole question lies there. But it is here where the whirlwind of forces is, above India.
   I t is like a conflict between the forces that wish to destroy the earth and the terrestrial transformation. If these forces can be checked, can be mastered and made powerless, then the terrestrial progress and transformation are going to proceed straight and quickly-magnificent! But at present it is like monsters coming from all sides to obstruct.

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