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On The Mother



The constant presence of the Mother comes by practice; the Divine Grace is essential for success in the Sadhana, but it is the practice that prepares the descent of the Grace.


You have to learn to go inward, ceasing to live in external things only, quiet the mind and aspire to become aware of the Mother's workings in you


- Sri Aurobindo

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Essays Divine and Human




The Siddhis

Rose of God


Essays and Articles from Sri Aurobindo's writings




Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

(Shorter Works 1910 – 1950)

consists of short works in prose written by Sri Aurobindo between 1909 and 1950 and published during his lifetime. All but a few of them are concerned with aspects of spiritual philosophy, yoga, and related subjects.




Essays Divine and Human

(Writings from Manuscripts 1910 – 1950)


consists of short prose pieces written by Sri Aurobindo after his arrival in Pondicherry in 1910 but not published before his passing in 1950.



You think then that in me (I don't bring in the Mother) there was never any doubt or despair, no attacks of that kind. I have borne every attack which human beings have borne, otherwise I would be unable to assure anybody "This too can be conquered." At least I would have no right to say so. Your psychology is terribly rigid. I repeat, the Divine when he takes on the burden of terrestrial nature, takes it fully, sincerely and without any conjuring tricks or pretence. If he has something behind him which emerges always out of the coverings, it is the same thing in essence even if greater in degree, that there is behind others -- and it is to awaken that that he is here.

The psychic being does the same for all who are intended for the spiritual way -- men need not be extraordinary beings to follow it. That is the mistake you are making -- to harp on greatness as if only the great can be spiritual.

- Sri Aurobindo (1935)