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I am Thine for eternity. - The Mother

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Dynamic Power


Power means strength and force, Shakti, which enables one to face all that can happen and to stand and overcome, also to carry out what the Divine Will proposes. It can include many things, power over man, events, circumstances, means etc. But all this not of the mental or vital kind, but by an action through unity of consciousness with the Divine and with all things and all beings. It is not an individual strength depending on certain personal capacities, but the Divine Power using the individual as an instrument.


- Sri Aurobindo


power of supramental consciousness

power of supramental beauty

beauty of tomarrow

power of integral purity

power to progress


beauty of tomarrow

power to success

power to effort

sweetness of the power surrendered to the Divine


ascetic power

power of harmony

power of the supramental consciousness


dynamic power

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All the planes have their own power, beauty, some kind of perfection realised even among their imperfections; God is everywhere in some power of Himself though not everywhere in His full power, and even if His face does not appear, the rays and glories from it do fall upon things and beings through the veil and bring something of what we call perfect and absolute.

- Sri Aurobindo