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I am Thine for eternity. - The Mother

Flowers - The Spiritual Significane given by The Mother .... (Puzzle Game)

Aditi and Avatar


The red lotus is the Avatar.
The white lotus is the Divine Consciousness.


In a general way the lotus is the
flower of the Divine Wisdom, whatever its colour, But red signifies
the Avatar, the Divine incarnated in matter, and white signifies
the Divine Consciousness manifested upon earth.

-The Mother


14 10 11
12 13 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
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Surely for the earth- consciousness the very fact that the divine manifest himself is the greatest of all splendours. Consider the obscurity here and what it would be if the Divine did not directly intervene and the Light of Lights did not break out of the obscurity- for that is the meaning of the manifestation.


-Sri Aurobindo

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The reason for which the Avatars descend is to raise up man again and again, developing in him a higher and ever-higher humanity, a greater and yet greater development of divine being, bringing more and more of heaven again and again upon earth until our toil is done, our work accomplished and Sachchidananda fulfilled in all even here, even in this material universe.
-Sri Aurobindo