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" Our evolution in the Ignorance with its chequered joy and pain of self-discovery and world-discovery, its half fulfilments, its constant finding and missing, is only our first state. It must lead inevitably towards an evolution in the Knowledge, a self finding and self-unfolding of the the Spirit, a self-revelation of the Divinity in things in that true power of itself in Nature which is to us still a Supernature."

-Sri Aurobindo


"Men do not know themselves and have not learned to distinguish the different parts of their being; for these are usually lumped together by them as mind, because it is through a mentalised perception and understanding that they know or feel them; therefore they do not understand their own states and actions, or, if at all, then only on the surface. It is part of the foundation of yoga to become conscious of the great complexity of our nature, see the different forces that move it and get over it a control of directing knowledge. We are composed of many parts each of which contributes something to the total movement of our consciousness, our thought, will, sensation, feeling, action, but we do not see the origination or the course of these impulsions; we are aware only of their confused and pell-mell results on the surface upon which we can at best impose nothing better than a precarious shifting order.

The remedy can only come from the parts of the being that are already turned towards the Light. To call in the light of the Divine Consciousness from above, to bring the psychic being to the front and kindle a flame of aspiration which will awaken spiritually the outer mind and set on fire the vital being, is the way out."

-Sri Aurobindo

Volume: 22-23-24 [SABCL] (Letters on Yoga), Page: 233

Planes and Parts of the Being
(Part one contains some of the letters of Sri Aurobindo from the book"Letters on Yoga" ,section "Planes and parts of the being".In 1970 ,Letters on Yoga was published as volumes 22, 23 and 24 of the Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library)
Part One
The Brahman state is that of a supreme existence supremely aware of itself, svayamprakasa,—it is Sachchidananda, Existence-Consciousness-Bliss...more>>
It all depends upon where the consciousness places itself and concentrates itself...more>>


Consciousness has no need of a clear individual “I” to dispose variously the centralising stress,—wherever the stress is put the “I” attaches itself to that, so that one thinks of oneself as a mental being or physical being or whatever it may be...more>>
Consciousness is made up of two elements, awareness of self and things and forces and conscious-power...more>>


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