The Psychic Being

... a journey in inner worlds to explore the secrets of the body and that of Spirit.
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The reason why Sri Aurobindo adopted the term "psychic being " has been stated by him as follows:

" The word soul is very vaguely used in English- as it often refers to the whole non-physical consciousness including even the vital with all its desires and passions. That is why the word psychic being has to be used so as to distinguish this divine portion from the instrumental parts of the nature."

Letters on yoga, SABCL Vol22, p.290

Sri Aurobindo

The Divine Body


The Mother

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Psychic being

In this investiture of fleshly life
A soul that is a spark of God survives .
And sometimes it breaks through the sordid screen
And kindles a fire that makes us half-divine.

                                           Savitri, Book 11, Canto V
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The Psychic Being

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The soul is the divine spark that dwells at the centre of each being; it is identical with its Divine Origin; it is the divine in man.
The psychic being is formed progressively around this divine centre, the soul, in the course of its innumerable lives in the terrestrial evolution,until the times comes when the psychic being...

Growth &Development
of the Psychic

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It is through all the experiences of life that the psychic personality forms, grows, develops, and finally becomes a complete, conscious and free being...

-The Mother

More Lights

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The complete unification of the whole being around the psychic centre is the essential condition to realise a perfect sincerity.

-The Mother

Soul Exercise

" We are never alone, walk with God."

Role, Function and
Action of the Psychic

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This is the function of the psychic- it has to work on each plane so as to help each to awaken to its true truth and the Divine Reality.

-The Mother


















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