OM-the signature of the Lord



MOTHER.: Is it January?
  yes, Mother -it is January.
Read what is written here.
   (Every month I used to take to Mother a large calender on which flowers were painted and on which She used to write a prayer )
    " In this year of Sri Aurobindo's centenary, let us strive to be worthy ofHim..."
And then ?
     " following His teaching faithfully in order to prepare the advent of the superman. Happy New rear."
What flower is this? (pointing to the painted flower) "Superhumanity".
    This is "superhumanity".
    The name of this flower is "superhumanity".
Which flower is it ?
    This flower -it is the dahlia.
Dahlia! Yes, yes.
    (Mother writes the prayer for the month of Februrary and draws "OM" underneath)
"Nature rediscovers the Divine in a blissful surrender."
With the help of OM one can realise the Divine. OM has a transforming power. OM represents the Divine.
  yes, it represents the Divine. It represents the Divine.
   OM, but OM is the sound?
The sound -*They say that_all the aspirations of the world when going towards the Divine make 0- ---M, like that.* (Mother chants the word)
  yes, Mother.
*And then, that is why they say "OM".* Mother, please say it once again. Please say it again.
   OM, it is fine, Mother, it was vely beautiful.
   (Mother laughs)
   Mother, once more, please.
0- ---M.
   And now ?
*It is like this everywhere.* 0- ---M. 0- ---M.   yes, Mother.
*Look here, I was in France some, I think, 60 years ago. There was a Frenchman who came back from the Himalayas, who had stayed there some time and he gave a lecture, and I listened to the lecture and in the lecture he said that when he was deep in the Himalayas, there was a Sannyasin whom he didn't know, came to see him and told him only this 0 M and that he was completely changed. And then, when he said 0 M, I felt the same change in me, if the Divine was coming in. 0- ---M.* There you are. Good, good. Keep the secret.
   yes, Mother.
You will recall this: 0- ---M. 0- ---M. That's all. 0- ---M. It must be manifested. If anything goes wrong, repeat OM, all will go well.
    ( Written to a disciple) OM is the signature of the Lord.
* The words ill between the two asterisks- whenever they appear - were spoken in English by Mother.