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4 January 1956 Integral idea of the Divine, All things attracted by the Divine
11 January 1956 Desire and self-deception, Giving all one is and has
18 January 1956 Positive and negative sides of individual work
25 January 1956 The divine way of life, Divine; Overmind; Supermind
1 February 1956 Path of knowledge, Finding the Divine in life
8 February 1956 Forces of Nature expressing a higher Will
15 February 1956 Nature and the Master of Nature, Conscious intelligence
bullet 22 February 1956 Strong immobility of an immortal spirit
bullet 29 February 1956 Sacrifice: self-giving, Divine Presence in the heart of Matter
bullet 7 March 1956 Animal sacrifice, Sacrifices to hostile forces, To be luminously open
bullet 14 March 1956
bullet 21 March 1956 Identify with the Divine, The Divine: the most important thing in life
bullet 28 March 1956 The starting-point of spiritual experience, The boundless finite
bullet 4 April 1956 The witness soul, A Gita enthusiast
bullet 11 April 1956 Self-creator, Manifestation of Time and Space
bullet 18 April 1956 Ishwara and Shakti: seeing both aspects, The Impersonal and the divine Person
bullet 25 April 1956 God: human conception and the true Divine, Earthly existence: to realise the Divine
bullet 2 May 1956 Threefold union, Manifestation of the Supramental
bullet 9 May 1956 Beginning of the true spiritual life, Spirit gives value to all things
bullet 16 May 1956 Needs of the body: not true in themselves, Spiritual and supramental law
bullet 23 May 1956 Yoga and religion, Story of two clergymen on a boat
bullet 30 May 1956 Forms as symbols of the Force behind, Art as expression of contact with the Divine
bullet 6 June 1956 Sign or indication from books of revelation, Spiritualised mind
bullet 13 June 1956 Effects of the Supramental action, Education and the Supermind
bullet 20 June 1956 The heart’s mystic light and intuition, Psychic being; psychic contact
bullet 27 June 1956 Birth: entry of soul into body, Formation of the supramental world
bullet 4 July 1956 Aspiration when one sees a shooting star, Preparing the body; making it understand
bullet 11 July 1956 Beauty restored to its priesthood, Occult worlds; occult beings
bullet 18 July 1956 Unlived dreams, Radha-consciousness, Separation and identification
25 July 1956 A complete act of divine love, How to listen, Sports programme same for boys and girls

The number of hours spent in meditation is no proof of spiritual progress. It is a proof of your progress when you no longer have to make an effort to meditate. Then you have rather to make an effort to stop meditating: it becomes difficult to stop meditation, difficult to stop thinking of the Divine, difficult to come down to the ordinary consciousness. Then you are sure of progress, then you have made real progress when concentration in the Divine is the necessity of your life, when you cannot do without it, when it continues naturally from morning to night whatever you may be engaged in doing. Whether you sit down to meditation or go about and do things and work, what is required of you is consciousness; that is the one need, to be constantly conscious of the Divine.

- The Mother

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