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Acting without preference and desire, knowing the divine will
Concentration and Energy
Meditation and concentration
Correct judgement
Perfection and Progress, Dynamic equilibrium
Transformation and reversal of consciousness
Inner reality, psychic
13 January 1951 Aim of life, Science of living
15 January 1951 Sincerity, inner light
20 January 1951 Developing the mind

Perfection is not a static state, it is an equilibrium. But a progressive, dynamic equilibrium. One may go from perfection to perfection. There can come a state from which it would not be necessary to descend to a lower rung in order to go farther; at the moment the march of Nature is like that, but in this new state, instead of being obliged to go back to be able to start again, one can walk always forward, without ever stopping. As things are, one comes to a certain point and, as human beings as they are at present cannot progress indefinitely, one must pass to a higher species or leave the present species and create another. The human being as he is at the moment cannot attain perfection unless he gets out of himself—man is a transitional being. In ordinary language it may be said: “Oh, this man is perfect”, but that is a literary figure. The maximum a human being can attain just now is an equilibrium which is not progressive. He may attain perhaps a static equilibrium but all that is static can be broken for lack of progress.

- The Mother

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