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An Offering at The Lotus Feet of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

An offering

Grade 2 Braille File is a data file format that can be read on a Braille display or transmitted to a Braille embosser. Web-Braille files typically have the extension .brf. The Braille codes in Braille-ready files allow blind people to read electronic documents from computer disks or from the Internet.

Web-Braille files may be read online or may be downloaded for offline viewing or embossing with a Braille display, Braille-aware notetaker, or Braille embosser.

You can use a braille file in the following ways:

* Emboss it using a braille printer.
* Read it with a portable braille-display device such as a Braille Lite, BrailleNote, or Bookworm.
* Listen to it in a braille-aware talking notetaker, like the Braille Companion or Braille 'n Speak.
* Read it on a computer using any word processor and screenreader and a braille display with Grade 2 translation turned off. The file will be unintelligible with speech, but will be readable on the display.

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